The World’s First R-550D Jack-Up Rig is Successfully Delivered

On December 16th 2016, the Singapore based subsidiary of TSC Group Holdings Limited (“TSC”), Alliance Offshore Drilling Pte Ltd (“AOD”) has successfully taken delivery of the world’s first R-550D jack-up rig built by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited (“HPWS”) in Nansha District of Guangzhou. The historic milestone of the tri-party strategic cooperation between TSC, Zentech, Inc. (“Zentech”) and HPWS, achieves the reality of the initial blueprint and is set to significantly advance further into the future.

The R-550D rig, born with the top class genes of the three parties, is the only jack-up rig built in China equipped with above 90% local content. It is a significant foundation for endorsement of Chinese quality and in realization of the Chinese Offshore Dream and China High-End Manufacture 2025 strategy.  

The R-550D is a high specification ABS classed mobile offshore jack-up drilling rig tailored to suit most major drilling locations, world-wide. The R-550D is compatible with most existing rig footprints but has bigger spud cans and higher leg strengths which provides the rig with superior features to overcome punch-through situations in soft soil conditions. Having bigger spud cans and 54 jacking units of 1,000 kips each enables the rig to operate safely and efficiently in harsh environments. The R-550D is also fitted with a 1.5-million pound hook load, a maximum combined cantilever load of 3,500 kips and an operational variable deck load of 11,000 kips which is far superior compared to most high specification jack-up rigs. Moreover, the rig applies higher standards throughout its whole supply circle from engineering design, manufacture and supply, inspection to assembly, debugging and project management.

The rig delivery today manifests the new concept of multi-wins in the field of offshore engineering. It is also the masterpiece of efficient cooperation and laser sharp focus of the leadership on the long term vision of the strategic partners. The R-550D jack-up rig will continue to aggressively pursue its offshore operational objectives. And TSC will continue to work together with its alliances to write a new chapter in world oil & gas industry.